Chrisfix Used Car Checklist as Your Great Guidance Checklist to Buy a Second-Hand Car

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Chrisfix Used Car Checklist as Your Great Guidance Checklist to Buy a Second-Hand Car

Try to consider using Chrisfix used car checklist when you want to buy a second-hand car. This checklist will help you to find the problems that the previous owner doesn’t even know about. When you decide to buy a second-hand car, buying from a dealer is a great idea since you will be provided with so many benefits, such as complete mechanical check, a full service history, or even an extra warranty. But still, you need to check it on your own to minimize the risk.

Here are the important things you need to prepare and check when buying a second-hand car:


All the documents

You should prepare by downloading and printing the Chrisfix used car checklist then learn it before meeting the seller. Then, you can fill out the checklist when you are checking the car. You also need to check if the car has been reported stolen or not, does the VIN check, V5c, as well the service history of the car.


The exterior/body

In addition, check the exterior details, including under the hood. Make sure to use coveralls if you will not make your clothes get dirty. Check if the car has any dents, bumps or even cracks, so a flashlight would be a great help for this step. While you usually focus on the top side, you can’t forget about the wheels and the tires because sometimes the tires are already replaced with the new tires and have a different brand from the original ones.


The interior

Next, check all the interior area, starting from the dashboard (warning lights and mileage), the boot, and the electronics equipment.



Now, try to start the car on, and listen to the smoothness of the gear change. You can also check the oil level, exhaust smoke, head gasket condition, or for any leaks.


Test Drive

Last but not least, after you are done checking, try to drive it until you are sure that you have everything you need to check.

Those are the things you should do when deciding to buy a second-hand car, especially if you buy privately because the seller usually doesn’t give much details and information. Yes, it is your job to prepare and ask questions that may be a problem someday. Of course, using this checklist will still leave you with some risks, but at least, Chrisfix used car checklist can minimize it.

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