Vizleem Tire Shine, a Perfect Product to Make Your Tires Look New Every Day

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Vizleem Tire Shine, a Perfect Product to Make Your Tires Look New Every Day

Vizleem tire shine is a one-step biodegradable solution that’s easy to apply since it includes its applicator brush. Have you found that your tires aren’t looking as nice as they once were? We all have. Your tires will surely look aged after being worn so long, driven for miles and miles. Although you wash the tires regularly, their shine won’t get back easily without the magic touch of tire shine.

Well, there are actually two types of tire shine that you can choose from. First is gel-based solution. Gel-based tire shine usually comes in bottles and lasts longer than the spray-on variant. You can use it by putting the gel on a cloth and rubbing your tires. Or, you can also put the gel directly on the tires and then rub them with the cloth. The second type is spray-on solution. This kind of tire shine from Vizleem doesn’t last long like the gel-based one, but it is great in reaching the hidden areas, such as between the ridges. Moreover, spray-on is also easy to apply and usually comes in a spray bottle. It doesn’t wear down your tires because it is made up of water mixed with polymers and oils. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried too much about wearing them in a long run. Here are the benefits in using Vizleem tire shine.


Gives more protection

Besides adding a layer of shine, this can help to protect your tires. It will keep the tires away from any muds or dirt, and using it makes your tires look clean longer.


Enhances your tires color and gloss

In addition, it will also make your tires look new every day and enhance your overall car look. You can also choose to make a glossy look or a matte/satin look by choosing the right tire shine. The good ones offer great durability that can last for a week or even longer.


Prevents weather damage

In fact, your tires can be damaged because of the temperature, rain, and UV light. These triggers make them look faded or even cracked. By using tire shine, you can protect the tires as it offer moisturizing and lubrication to your tires.

While you usually focus on your car’s exterior look, do not forget about tires. If you are confused with the many options in the market, just try Vizleem tire shine because this product is everyone’s favorite.

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