Softopper Camper Top Tent and What to Consider Before Buying One

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Softopper Camper Top Tent and What to Consider Before Buying One 2

Softopper camper top tent is an item that’s becoming more popular, in compliance with the rapid growth of off-grid camping as hobby. The tool is a proof that while getting away from your home can be nice; you do not need to sacrifice the comforts and convenience. A proper camper tent offers you with plush sleep space, or any function of the space that you want it to be.

Several minute browsing the internet and reading several softopper camper top tent review articles, you will get an idea how it can be really pricey. However, if you are serious about making camping as your hobby, then it is important to know about its pros and cons before purchasing one.

There are two biggest benefits you can get from the camper top tent: comfort and convenience. Even the overlanding type of camper top tent requires you almost zero-effort to set up. In general, the pitch process only needs several minutes to be done. A mid to high range model provide great robustness and durability to resist the strongest storm and the worst weather. In addition, a lot of tent campers nowadays are equipped with built-in matters so you don’t have to bring extra camping equipment.

Softopper Camper Top Tent and What to Consider Before Buying One 2

Of course, there are also some disadvantages. Price comes first as the most significant drawback point. Even if you settle for an entry-level softopper camper top tent, it may require you to spend a thousand dollars. Speaking realistically, most people will want to pick mid-range model that can be priced for $2,000 to $3,000 – or even more. However, it is worth to note that attaching tent to SUV or truck is still cheaper than running an RV. Another thing you may want to consider before purchasing the camper tent is the extra space to store it on your vehicle.

By now, you may have decided if purchasing rooftop camper tent is the right thing to do. If you’re going with the going plan, then the next step is to search for the model that’s suitable for your vehicle. Every camper tent has different maximum dynamic and static load. Static weight is the amount of holdable rack weight when the vehicle isn’t moving, so it is less an issue compared to the dynamic weight because most car models have roof that’s designed to survive rollover accident. It is very important to take time in order to calculate if softopper camper top tent can be supported properly and sturdily by your roof rack.

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