Casey Neistat Electric Bike Super73 R-Series and RX-Series Specification Details

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Casey Neistat Electric Bike Super73 R-Series and RX-Series Specification Details 1

Casey Neistat electric bike had successfully created noise when it was uploaded in YouTube platform at the end of 2012. Casey Neistat showed up on the video by riding around what he called Tesla Cyberbike, which later is revealed to be the new Super73 bike that has been kept super-secret for a while.

The design

At the time, to hide the actual design, the bike was concealed with shell as its outer body, which reminded of Tesla Cybertruck memorable style when it was unveiled a year prior. Now that the Casey Neistat Electric Bike Super73 has made the real appearance, the world recognizes it through the laid-back style a la Southern Californian. The design of the Tesla electric bike seems to be focused on the styling of a mini bike, where you get around the town freely.

The Super73 lineup has several series: R-series, S-series, and Z-series. For now, let’s focus on the series that serves as the debut model, which is the R-series. The price point for R-series begins at $3,000 and the premium model, RX-series starts at $3,500. The additional price from the latter model is due to the extra features such as premium paint, full LED lighting, fenders, horn, 4-piston brakes, and several more.

Casey Neistat Electric Bike Super73 R-Series and RX-Series Specification Details 2

The specs

Both models are designed in California, U.S. The assembling processes are done in Asia. They carry quality hardware. For example, the battery used in R-series is the lithium-ion unit that dense with energy, an identical feature used in Tesla power packs and Samsung 21700 cell constructions. On the top part of the Casey Neistat electric bike’s frame is a mini fuel tank, which allows power supply to the bike’s motor that can generate up to 2,000 watts of peak power when used in Unlimited mode – this is about ten times higher than a manual pedaling by human. The battery can be recharged fully in 3-4 hours on 5A charger, or 5-6 hours on 110V outlet. Both R-series and RX-series have 20” wheels covered in all-terrain tires with lightening holes. There is also LCD screen to display directions directly from navigation feature in your mobile phone, as well as to provide setting controls and updates on software.

PRICE $2,995 (base, R); $3,495 (premium, RX)
MOTOR Electric brushless DC hub; 750 watts nominal, 1,200 watts peak; Unlimited mode: 1,200 watts nominal, 2,000 watts peak |
TRANSMISSION/FINAL DRIVE Chain direct drive; optional 10-speed rear derailleur
FRAME Aluminum alloy, tubular
FRONT SUSPENSION 35mm inverted coil spring; 4.7-in. travel (R) / 35mm inverted coil spring adjustable for preload and rebound w/ air assist; 4.7-in. Travel (RX)
REAR SUSPENSION Coilover piggyback monoshock adjustable for preload and rebound (R) / coilover piggyback monoshock adjustable for preload, compression and rebound (RX); TBD-in. travel
FRONT BRAKE 2-piston caliper, 180mm disc (R); 4-piston caliper, 203mm disc, (RX)
REAR BRAKE 2-piston caliper, 180mm disc (R); 4-piston caliper, 180mm disc (RX)
WHEELS, FRONT/REAR 20 in. x 100mm aluminum alloy
TIRES, FRONT/REAR BDGR All-Terrain; 20 x 4.5 in. / 20 x 5 in.
WHEELBASE 58.9 in.
SEAT HEIGHT 32.0 in.
BATTERY CAPACITY 960 watt-hours
CLAIMED CURB WEIGHT 76 lb. (R, w/ battery); 80 lb. (RX, w/ battery)
WARRANTY 90 days
AVAILABLE Spring 2020
During the launch event of Super73, the test ride reveals that you can use the electric power to achieve serious speeds. It also has 10-option of speeds to offer better acceleration. That being said, apparently Casey Neistat electric bike moves more swiftly when you put slight effort in manual pedaling.

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