Nexar Dashboard, a Simple and Smart Camera to Put You Safe

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Nexar Dashboard, a Simple and Smart Camera to Put You Safe

The number of irresponsible drivers or passengers and unexpected accidents that happen nowadays sometimes can make people feeling anxious, so no wonder many people choose the Nexar dashboard to protect themselves more. It is an AI-based compact dash camera that can record everything happening on your road, upload it to the cloud, and connect to your phone. Therefore, you can see the footage easier. Despite its petit appearance, it is an impressive modern technology that has some effective features which can save the lives of the users. Let’s dig into the features of this camera.

Accident warnings and auto-detect dangers
When you are on the road, there are many possibilities you can meet unpleasant event whether you like it or not. That’s why it would be helpful when you have something to avoid those events before the accidents happen. Nexar dashboard offers a feature that gives you a real-time notification whenever you are going to meet those dangers. For example, when you are driving, and the car in front of you is hard braking, there will be a caution warning, so you can avoid car crash accidents. By doing this, you may save many lives and prevent a collision.

Providing useful evidence
Besides the car crash accidents, there are also many unpleasant events on the road, and one of them is when you meet a drunken person. If you are a driver for online transportation services, there is no guarantee all of your passengers are calm people. When you meet drunken passengers, and they misbehave or put you in danger, you can use the camera footage as a piece of evidence when they are trying to pinpoint you. On top of that, you can also use the front camera mode on your phone to protect yourself from them.

Fast setup and efficient
The setup process when you want to connect the Nexar dashboard camera to your phone is quite easy and smooth. It only takes about five minutes, and after the setup, it will always be automatically paired with your phone. Moreover, it has SD card that put you at ease because you don’t need to buy a new memory card. It has been acknowledged by many people for its convenient features and affordable price, making it one of the most efficient things to help your safety on the road. Once you put the Nexar dashboard on the car, you can drive comfortably without worrying about other trivial things.

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