Gas Stations on My Route, and How to Deal with an Out-of-Gas Predicament

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Gas Stations on My Route, and How to Deal with an Out-of-Gas Predicament

“Where can I find gas stations on my route?” is a question which people ask when they are running out of fuel at an unknown location. When you are in this position, the most crucial thing to do is keep your mind calm and know that there are several numbers you can reach to get you out of the situation. Once you know who you should call, the following steps will guide you on handling an out of fuel condition at an unknown place.

Pull Your Car
The most vital thing to consider regarding running out of fuel is that no one ever wants to turn the situation into a severe accident. Thus, when the low fuel light indicator is activated, it is best to immediately switch the hazard lights on and move the car to the right shoulder of the lane.

Figure Out Your Current Location
It is vital to know your car’s precise location so that there is no misunderstanding when the help comes. Besides, if you feel the need to leave your car, you surely don’t want to walk around to look for it. Some people in the same situation are often wondering “how to find gas stations on my current route when I am incapable of getting the right GPS coordinates from my smartphone?”

No need to fret. You simply need to note the road’s name, the route path you are taking, important landmarks, and the mile marker near your location to specify your current location. Then, make a call to the roadside assistance to let them know that you are running out of gas in an unknown road. Also, ensure they know what fuel your car requires.

Wave Down Help
How to find the nearest gas stations on my route? The simple answer to this question is to use your smart device to locate the gas stations. But in certain cases, there will be no mobile phone reception in a place you are stranded. In this case, you will need to consider waving down another car for help.

Go to the Nearby Gas Station
The last option you can do is heading to the nearest gas station on foot. While all the solutions above are improbable to fail, walking to the station may become the last option. If you are in this situation, rather than heading to the great unknown, it is best to go back to the same direction you come from. That’s how you will find the answer to the question where to locate gas stations on my route.

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