5.4 Triton Coil Pack Replacement Guide in 6 Simple Steps

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5.4 Triton Coil Pack Replacement Guide in 6 Simple Steps

5.4 Triton coil pack is amongst the most important parts of your Ford vehicle. It works by transmitting power from the car’s battery to spark plugs. Chance is, there is one coil for two spark plugs or one for each of them. The vehicle’s engine will lose power by working on several cylinders only if some coils are malfunctioned.

When the coil begins to become defective, the first sign to look for is on light and cylinder. Since the coils provide power to spark plugs, it makes sense that damaged symptoms are related to the spark plugs. Look if there is any malfunction with the indicator lamp or random code of misfire trouble on the cylinder.

If you find nothing is on faulty with your 5.4 Triton coil pack and ignore the continuous check engine light, there’s a possibility of further degradation that may cause rough idling, bad engine acceleration, as well as engine misfires. Moreover, you may begin to notice difficulty in starting the engine or heavy jerking and bucking when you try to accelerate the speed. These symptoms won’t reduce if you keep driving it, instead they will stress other components of car engine.

In this instance, you may need to perform 5.4 Triton coil pack replacement. Here are the steps to fix it by yourself:

  1. Take out the negative cable of your battery.
  2. Find the coil packs within the engine compartments. It is typically located around or over the spark plug.
  3. Detach the wiring harness. This can be done by holding the tab down and draw the electrical connector. Take off the mounting stud that keeps the coil on its place.
  4. If the spark plugs need replacement, then you might as well replace it now. Put dielectric tune up grease on the inside of coil’s end.
  5. Put back the coil by pressing it to the spark plug in firm manner. Now you may attach back the electrical connector and the mounting stud.
  6. Continue to replace the coil pack until all that needs to be replaced are substituted. As for the last, connect back the negative cable of the battery.

If you opt for coil replacement in the mechanical shop, then it may cost anywhere at $900 to $1300. The parts alone can cost around $700 to $1120, before you calculate the labor cost into the calculation which typically depends on the manufacturer and machine. If one of the 5.4 Triton coil pack needs replacement, then it’s highly recommended to replace the whole set at once.

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