Symptoms of Overcharged Car AC that You Must Know before Regretting

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Symptoms of Overcharged Car AC that You Must Know before Regretting

Overcharged car AC can be a big problem when you want to go out somewhere. You must already know how AC works. Well, it works the same way as when you direct a compressed air hose to your face. However, if you put too much coolant into your AC, you won’t get chilling air, but rather warm air. Such a thing happens and your long-awaited plan to have a vacation will be gone. Therefore, you should know the basic information about the symptoms of overcharged AC.

Poor Cooling

The first and the most obvious symptom is poor cooling. It happens because your AC may stop working since there is no room for depressurizing the coolant. At first, the AC will blow a cold breeze, but over time, what you get is only the room temperature or even hot air. You must be thankful if that happens, and your AC shuts down per se. The worst case is you may pay for the repair bill.


Noise from Compressor

In some cases of overcharged car AC, the compressor will not make noise that much, but if the compressor design did not have the bypass preventing internal pressure, then it will have some noises. However, why does that noisy sound occur, though? That happens because the compressor is struggling to push the coolant that you put too much into the nozzle for gas molecules.


High-Pressure Reading

Another obvious symptom is higher pressure readings. If you have studied physics a little bit, you must know higher pressure means higher temperature. The cause of high pressure is from the struggling-compressor which tries to balance the systems. That happens longer, and you may have to say goodbye to the cooling capacity.


Scrambling Engine and Broken Compressor

If those symptoms are sequenced chronically, these two last symptoms will be the final of your misery. That would never end up good, so expect the worst! Since your compressor is struggling to balance the systems, it draws more power from the engine. As a result, you will get slow acceleration and more fuel loss when AC is on. As for compressor, it will have belt failure, simply understood as a broken compressor.

The symptoms will never arise if you have already well-informed about how to recharge AC in a car. Hopefully, you will never suffer from this problem. However, if overcharged car AC happens and you have no idea about it, just bring it to the professional.

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