5.3 Vortec Crate Engine Features You Want to Know

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5.3 Vortec Crate Engine Features You Want to Know

5.3 vortec crate engine is one of the most popular types of crate engine. As we all understand, crate engine is the kind of replacement engine that you buy to fill in the shoes of the original engine of a car. It is called crate engine as it comes intact, like in a crate. If you plan to get the 5.3 vortec one, these are the features of the engine that you should know.


Horsepower and Torque

The performance 5.3 crate engine is determined mostly by its horsepower and torque. The engine of its kind and this capacity can produce approximately 385 HP and 390 lbs torque. This is a quite good range for an engine, especially when it is not the original one. With proper care, the engine should be able to bring a powerful performance for a long time.


Engine Block Material

The most important material of the whole thing is the material of the engine block. It is because the engine block is going to be the main body of the engine. This engine is using cast iron as the material on the engine block. This material is well-known to be sturdy and capable in protecting the engine from overheating.


Suggested Car Year Range

This type of engine is suggested for you to buy when you own a car produced or manufactured between 1999 and 2007. Car above 2007 is usually more suitable to be given more advanced engine with hybrid function. As for the car manufactured before 1999, the engine used back then is usually way simpler and 5.3 is probably a too much capacity for the car.


What to Buy with the Engine?

When you buy 5.3 vortec crate engine, you need to complete the purchase with several other items. They are like the supporting items to keep the engine working well eventually. Some of the most essential things to buy are including an engine coolant, engine oil and engine prelubers. These items will help the crate engine to perform at its best.

Getting the crate engine is not something that you should decide so lightly. Remember that when you get the engine, you have to put them inside your car and this may not fall into the category of DIYs. Even though no assemble is needed, placing something inside the car is still a bit risky. Make sure that you do understand about 5.3 vortec crate engine installation before getting one.

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