Gear Ratio Calculator for Bigger Tires and the Easy Way to Calculate

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Gear Ratio Calculator for Bigger Tires and the Easy Way to Calculate

Getting gear ratio calculator for bigger tires is something really important these days. People do love their cars and they modify the cars a lot of times, including the tires. They love to change the car’s tire all the time to give it a bolder look. However, bigger car tires means bigger ratio for the gear and everything else. Here are some ways for you to calculate it.


Using the Formula

The first thing that people do to get the gear ratio calculator for bigger tires is by using the standard formula. The formula for gear ratio is T2/T1 or T2 divided by T1. T1 here stands for the teeth number on the first gear. As for T2, it is the number of teeth you can find on the second gear. T2 should always be a bigger number than T1.


Using Gear Ratio Chart

If you love reading chart, you would also love this method. This is the method when you use gear ratio chart to find out the exact gear ratio used for your car. You can do this easily as the chart has everything. You just have to find the diameter of the tire size and the number of teeth to determine the exact gear ratio you need.


Using Gear Ratio Calculator Online

Today is a modern day where everything is done online, including using tire size calculator. There are tons of websites out there offering automatic calculator to determine the gear ratio of your tires. All you have to do is providing the requested information, such as the number of teeth, the size of tires, and so on.


Taking the Car to Mechanics

Sometimes the easiest way to determine the gear ratio is not the DIY way. This is the way you should do when you are no expert at all. Bring the car to your nearby mechanic or car tire shop and let them determine to you the precise gear ratio for the tires.

If this is the first time for you to play around with tires, it is better to take the last suggestion and bring the car to the pro. By getting there, you can at least get the tire ratio right and learn from those who know what they are doing. However, if you are quite expert in doing tires, try the formula or the chart as they will help you do the gear ratio calculator for bigger tires.

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