CFN Fuel Station and the Perks of Using CFN over Conventional Gas Stations

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CFN Fuel Station and the Perks of Using CFN over Conventional Gas Stations

The CFN fuel station is a series of card lock gas stations primarily build for commercial vehicles. Therefore, these stations provide many benefits that other locations do not offer for many different types of businesses. The advantages vary from discount rates to places specifically built for larger commercial vehicles. You will only be able to access most of these locations by using a CFN fuel card. Here, you will know the four of the main perks of using these sites.

  1. Easy-to-find stations on the West Coast

CFN stations are primarily situated in the seven western states, including Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Arizona. Stations are numerous and easily located near the highways, main subway areas, and industrial areas in these states. For example, there are approximately 536 CFN fuel stations in California compared to 116 truck stops.

  1. A lot of discounts

These places do not have high markings at retail locations; their prices are instead based on the costs of wholesale fuel. In contrast to retail locations in the same area, the price per gallon may therefore be substantially lower. It’s also important to remember that the CFN fuel station offers fuel discounts promptly. Rather than spending extra when buying the fuel, fuel costs will immediately be reduced at the moment of purchase. Thus, as you fill-up the tank, you will know specifically what the actual charges are.

  1. CFN locations are built for large vehicles

These stations have been primarily designed for large vehicles in order to support industrial fleets. In general, the lanes are wider to handle turning radiuses of those large vehicles. Also, the stations are built so that there is no issue regarding clearance levels. These stations also have super-fast fueling, so the commercial fleets with large tanks can quickly fill their tanks up. Even there are many satellite pumps in some of the stations so that the trucks with more than one tank can load them both at the same time.

  1. The fuel products for every large vehicle

CFN is developed under the knowledge that all commercial vehicles require access to many different types of fuel. Unleaded diesel fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, red-dyed diesel, and bulk oil are available in most stations. If you have CFN fuel cards, you will have the ability to restrict the use of the card in a CFN fuel station based on day, based on transactions per day, week, or month.

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