SBC Vortec Heads Comparisons between the Newer and Older Styles

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SBC Vortec heads

SBC Vortec heads have been manufactured for more than 65 years ago. They are typically used for above-standard applications from the very first of assembling generation. Its manufacturing company, General Motors, estimated it has produced over 90-million of SBC on 2005, which implies that the number of cylinder heads that has been produced is also around this figure. However, during late 1990s when new V-8 Vortec heads began to be presented, the question and comparison between the older and newer models were inevitable to not come along with it.

The new small block engines were designed specifically in compact size to fit with the cost-effective use of iron material and the make the process of production more economical. The older SBC Vortec heads design was passed on until the 1997’s Gen III to compromise lighter oscillating arm that results in more RPM and the combustion chambers for more power band. The recent SBC Vortec heads specs and designs were aimed to substitute the swirl chamber injection heads. What attracts the attention of the power designer was horsepower raising (200 hp to 255 hp) merely by the power created by this type of heads.

As it has been mentioned above, a raising comparison between the classic small block Vortec heads with the new design which carries more material of cast iron is practically inevitable. The power vehicle enthusiasts obviously lean their choice on the new advancements, as their vehicle can easily gain 35 hp to 40 hp just by bolting on bolting the fresh heads set on. However, the opinion is a bit differing with the circle of dedicated race drivers. They feel more inclined to the good resources of cast iron material in the first generation of small block heads. Because while it’s true that the more advanced technology offers higher horsepower, the fact that they carry less material to function means that they’re more likely to be prone to heating problems.

Well, it has been a common agreement that that the newer models are extremely economical, not to mention practical as well. They outshine the performance of older generations nearly in every category out there – maybe except the required work hours to create better flow, which is still held by the old style heads. All in all, you can be rest assured that any model of SBC Vortec heads will be able to increase you vehicle’s engine performance, especially if it is being paired with proper cooling system.

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