Campers for Sale near Me on Craigslist, Buying Guide and Tips

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Campers for Sale near Me on Craigslist

Aside from looking for used campers in RV trade focused sites, it is also possible to search in advertisement site, such as the campers for sale near me on Craigslist. The site allows you to see RV listings nationwide by several criteria like model, year production, and price. The pursuit of your dream RV is also possible and even worth to be done through the residential neighborhoods and local areas.

Purchasing used RV in such site provides opportunity to save significant amount of money. Even after you factored various costs like maintenance, depreciation, and financing, a three-year old camper still only cost approximately a half of brand-new camper. Read through the tips to look for campers for sale near me Craigslist below if you’re interested:

  1. Identify what vehicles would fit with your personal needs and preferences. You may go through website like NADA Guides that offers information about model, make, year, and other RV-related specs. You may also perform comparison on used campers for sale near me Craigslist or eBay to see how the values and pricing of similar models.
  2. Consider to buy a history record of the used vehicle. With a fee only around $25, websites like are able to provide the full 17 digits Vehicle Identification Number of a particular camper. The data availability and history may depend on the vehicles, but it typically provides details about the specs and if they have ever been on accident, damages, stolen, or being rebuilt.
  3. Ask the dealer or owner about the camper’s condition before you examine and test the vehicle’s drive. The condition includes records of maintenance and repairs, warranty, the reason why it’s being put on sale, and others. There are websites that have questions checklist like frugal-RV-travel. Finally, you may test its drive and ask about the mechanical function aspect of the vehicle.

Once you are invested in the idea of cruising the scenic roads with an RV, it is way too easy to caught up in rush and want to settle things as soon as possible. However, it’s important to do research first. A good and wise thing to do is to go through online forums and sites where camper enthusiasts are gathered – maybe just to chat and dig for tips. Who knows, maybe one of them has experience on buying campers for sale near me Craigslist and would be more than willing to help you.

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