Gas Stations that Accept Samsung Pay Near Me, Is It Available?

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Gas Stations that Accept Samsung Pay Near Me, Is It Available

If you are trying to find where gas stations that accept Samsung Pay near me, it is not a difficult thing to do as Samsung Pay has been broadening their coverage. This cashless payment service makes it easier for us to pay everything, ranging from binge-eating at a restaurant, purchasing monthly groceries, even paying for an accommodation in Airbnb.

Samsung Pay has been long serving us this feature. The year 2015 marks this cashless payment method release, and up to now there are countless merchants have partnered with Samsung Pay. If you are an Android user, especially Samsung, you will not be unfamiliar with this app. It has its own app, and the Android-friendly app will ease you in terms of paying for any purchases you need.

However, being the one easy option to pay for services and goods does not mean all are covered with Samsung Pay. So, to know whether your gas station of choice has partnered with Samsung Pay or not, you can visit the building directly. According to a source, to pay for fuel in gas stations that accept Samsung Pay near me, there are two methods:


Using the Samsung Pay through another App

Exxon and Shell have their own apps, Exxon Mobil Rewards+ (formerly called as Exxon Mobil Speedpass+) and Shell App consecutively. To pay for your gas, these apps permit Samsung Pay to be a cashless payment method. So, you will need to link your Samsung Pay account to one of these apps to be able to pay directly at the pump.


Tap & Pay 

BP gas stations become the answer for your search: ‘gas stations that take Samsung Pay near me’. Hence, you won’t need to use any apps to pay for your fuel – just find out Tap & Pay option somewhere on the pump and you’ll be fine to use Samsung Pay. However, not all BP gas stations have this feature available on theirs.

In order to top up your Samsung Pay wallet, you can choose various banks that issue Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards – both credit and debit. PayPal can be used as well to top up your Samsung Pay wallet.

Keep in mind that biometric authentication is needed in order to pay. This means that you can be asked to validate the payment through fingerprint authentication.

Well, if you want to know Samsung Pay acceptability in one merchant, the most accurate way is to check it directly on Samsung’s official website. There you can find hundreds of merchants who have already partnered with Samsung Pay. But, in terms of finding gas stations that accept Samsung Pay near me, it is way easier to decide first which gas you are using.

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