Trefecta E Bike in DRT Model Specification Details and Costs

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Trefecta E Bike in DRT Model Specification Details and Costs 1

It is probably more than appropriate to say that Trefecta E Bike is a motorcycle in essential, except it designed in far simpler and lighter frame of bicycle. Below, you’ll read about Trefecta DRT E-Bike, one of the models from this particular manufacturer, which the overall feels just scream military grade – especially by considering from its tough aluminum frame.

The 20” frame of Trefecta DRT is built with aluminum 7075. Instead of being designed in common tubing shape, it mimics aluminum blocks’ form. Crafted with military specs in mind, it features bulky design to ensure fastness and powerfulness despite of any challenging track it has to take. The frame acts as a protectant of the components inside, including internal cables. Its wheels are made from carbon fiber material in 26” design.

DRT E-bike is equipped with 4 kW motor engines as the electric drive, with advanced SmeshGear transmission and disc brake of Rohloff 14 speed performance. During low speeds, it uses pedaled motor system to maintain the balanced combination of battery usage and pedal support. There wouldn’t be any pedaling necessary if you just go under 70 km/h or 43.5 mph, simply use the throttle at the right handle to start the motor power. The maximum torque it can generate to rear wheel is 250 Nm or 184 lb. ft.

Trefecta E Bike in DRT Model Specification Details and Costs 2

For the connection, Trefecta E Bike in DRT model features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as built-in Trefecta iOS and fitness applications, and iPhone navigation. There’s an integrated dock in the upper part with waterproof quality to provide reachable area to place your iPhone.

The DRT E-bike is powered with 60 V lithium-ion batteries, which located within safe lift-lock compartment at the top front of the bike. The manufacturer claims that the battery is able to last up to 100 km or 62 km journey without pedaling at all. If you feel an extra battery is necessary, you may purchase it upon buying the bike to enjoy the benefit of instant switching system. The battery needs roughly three hours to be fully charged.

Currently, DRT model is available at $25,000 price point. Even though the bike itself clearly brings a lot of feature and provides so much more, the cost makes a lot of people wonder if it brings a good money value. You can easily get equally powerful bicycle as Trefecta E Bike at about half or third its price.

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