Curbed Wheel Repair Process for Aluminum Alloy Material Model

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Curbed Wheel Repair Process for Aluminum Alloy Material Model

Curbed wheel repair is a possible solution to make your damaged wheel restored and have it appeared like a brand new. Hearing one of the pricy alloy wheels of yours makes a scraping sound against the curb is indeed painful. The noise that comes when you do just a little of misjudgment of parking maneuver cannot be a good sign, but do not feel despaired yet. There’s a chance it can be fixed, unless the wheel is affected structurally.


The materials

It has become the standard of modern cars is to use all-aluminum or aluminum alloy wheels instead of steel ones. The thing is, the aluminum-based item is more prone of being ‘curbed’, resulting in growing demand of curbed wheel repair in various service shops. The cost of repairmen depends on several factors, including wheel material, severity of damage, and whether the wheel is layered by clear coat or paint. In general, though, the price is much cheaper than purchasing another wheel.


The cost

Just like the cost, curbed wheel repairing process will vary as well. The general procedure will include cleaning the wheels from its outer coating layer and any dirt, sanding down the affected area and patching it with filler if necessary, then buffing or sanding the wheel to create smooth and clean result from any scratches. To suit with other existing wheels, it needs to be primed, painted, and then coated with similar finishing material.


The repair

Repairing a curbed wheel is generally not the easiest process, but if you have a bit of skill and keen to put some effort, it can be turned into a DIY project by using available kit on the market. The most common issue of performing this act on your own is to get unmatched finish on the repaired wheel compared to other existing wheels – it specifically often happens to first timers.

Over fixing the curbed wheel may also lead to more than visual damage, which then requires you to do even more repairing work. For example, scrapping the finishing coat on the paint on the well causes oxidation and corrosion to happen. If curbing the wheels is one of the persistent problems of yours, it is advisable to purchase tires that feature protective rims. You are able to find them by referring them as scuff guards or flange shields. This type of tire has ability to maintain the width of its sidewall, or use bulging rubber flange to save you from having to do curbed wheel repair.

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