Greasing Brake Calipers to Extend Braking Capability with the Proper Lubrication Products

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Greasing Brake Calipers to Extend Braking Capability with the Proper Lubrication Products

You must do greasing brake calipers regularly. It is a part of maintenance procedure to ensure the brake does not make any noise and vibration. Moreover, you will also feel confidence while driving. As you know, the car uses brake for safety and security purpose. Even though it is still usable, having worn off brake is definitely dangerous. Therefore, regular greasing becomes necessary thing.


Car brake

Brake has pads and calipers. When they are still fresh and new, you can hear no sound because braking will be done smoothly. When you try again with incidental braking and no issue appears because the response is excellent. However, after driving for a long period and use the brake, you may feel different after feeling vibration. The brake pads seem to be depraved, but the car still stops. The issue increases when you hear the noise. It happens rarely in emergency situation, but your car does such thing during regular braking process. Therefore, you need to check immediately.


Safety measure

Greasing brake calipers is a part of safety measure. Grease has the same function as engine oil. You just apply it directly on calipers and brake pads. For your information, keeping the brake in good condition is also necessary to avoid any issue on other parts.


Type of brake grease

Before buying brake grease or lubricant, you need to know several types that are available in the market. You may choose mineral-oil lubricant. It has high viscosity with more liquid form, and it can maintain the pad smoothly. Another type is synthetic grease. It has benefits regarding the pressure and temperature. Oil-based grease will evaporate when the temperature around the brake increases. However, you will not find the same effect after using synthetic as the base compound for the grease. Another option is silicone that comes from high-grade silica. If you need something with too much grease, this is the right answer. Well, silicone lubricant is like adding the sand on your brake. The integrity is solid, and it will maintain the brake capability for long period.


Finding the right product

You must check several aspects before purchasing lubricant for the brake. Firstly, check the type of your car brake. After that, consider driving situation (daily, special occasion, off-road, heavy duty, high speed, and touring). Pick the one that can maintain the brake ultimately.

Brake caliper has significant role on vehicle. It affects braking and safety measure. When this part is not in excellent condition, you might be in high-risk even danger. Therefore, you must do the greasing brake calipers regularly.

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