Firestone AC Recharge Cost: When is the Right Time to Recharge Your Car’s AC

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Firestone AC Recharge Cost

If you are having a problem with your AC and get a recharge at Firestone, you may wonder how much Firestone AC recharge cost. Well, that’s reasonable, though, since you are preparing for the budget. You can get your car air conditioner old refrigerant be recharged with the new system there by using their complete auto care service.

If you are not sure what an air conditioner recharge is, it is basically a process where your air conditioner system old refrigerant is replaced with the new refrigerant. Refrigerant itself is that thing in your A/C system that makes the intake air to be cooler. It is mostly found in liquid of gas form, making it easier to cool the refrigerant down and to make it absorb the heat from the surrounding. However, refrigerant itself cannot work solely as the room cooler – it needs other components such as evaporators and compressors.

During an air conditioner recharge process, as previously mentioned, your refrigerant is replaced with the new one. Such process will ensure your AC to operate well by providing cool air, making you comfortable during a scorching hot day. Before changing the AC refrigerant, usually the service provider will perform a performance test to know the state of your air conditioner. This will include:

  • Running a performance test
  • Inspecting all components of your AC.
  • Performing:
    • System control test
    • State of charge test
    • Leak test

In terms of Firestone AC recharge cost, their official website does not explicitly mention how much the service costs. However, in most cases, AC recharge cost nothing more than $160. The baseline is usually set at $120. Keep in mind this price range is subject to change.

So, when should you recharge your car air conditioner? You will know the right time for it as you will notice that your AC does not make your car cooler in a proper way. The options can be: it takes much longer period to cool down, or it does not work at all. If one of these two happens, that’s the time to call for an appointment for Firestone AC recharge.

Although you may understand the know-how of recharging your car air conditioner system, it is advised that you leave the job for the professionals as they are equipped with decent working experiences with cars’ air conditioner system. It is also a chance to give your car an extra care after a long hour of work, right? So, after knowing that Firestone AC recharge cost, what’s more to wait – book an appointment and get your AC recharged.

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