65cc Dirt Bike and 4 Aspects to Consider before Buying the Bike

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65cc Dirt Bike and 4 Aspects to Consider before Buying the Bike

65cc dirt bike is a perfect bike for kids who want to try motocross. As parents, that will be this rewarding feeling if your kids share the similar interest with you, right? Besides, hearing such a roar from the small dirt bike will give you this nostalgic feeling.

If you are planning to give them a huge, amazing dirt bike, make sure you give them the one with best quality. What should you consider before buying a 65cc dirt bike?

Price, parts costs, and resale price fluctuation

Price is one ultimate reason you need to consider before buying the dirt bike. Pick one that suits your budget and don’t forget to consider about the next two aspects: parts costs and resale price fluctuation. There are chances your kid has a kind of ‘change of heart’ – if that happens, you can put the bike on resale and get the money back.



While this aspect can be subjective, it never goes wrong to conduct a small research to decide what kind of 65 cc dirt bike is suitable for your child. It is best to set the purpose of your research on any suitable bikes that are fit for your kid’s riding needs – not merely counting on its brand or motor size.


Engine Displacement

This aspect is linked to the speed a bike can produce. In case of 65 cc dirt bike, an engine with lower engine displacement (or usually called as CC) will be preferable. You can make sure about the bike’s maximum speed by asking the dealer about it. As your kid grows, you may let them to use 65cc dirt bike top speed without any speed limiter to aid them control it anymore.


Tire size

When it comes to a small dirt bike – just like its size, smaller tires are more favorable for 65 cc dirt bike. Meanwhile, when it comes to smaller kids using the motorbike, bigger tires will make the seat be set higher. Since it is important for a child to control the bike as well as being able to put the foot on the ground, smaller tires are more preferable for small dirt bikes.

Those are things you need to consider before buying dirt bike for your kids. In addition, you will also need to think about where to get the bike’s parts and whether it is reachable or not. With those considerations, you can get the best 65cc dirt bike suitable for your kid’s motocross activity.

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