KBB Dirt Bike Values: How Do They Determine It?

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KBB Dirt Bike Values

If you are planning on buying or trading a dirt bike, many people will refer you to KBB dirt bike. KBB, which is a shorter form of Kelley Blue Book, is a company’s ‘guide book’ in automotive pricing. That ‘guide book’ does not mean a printed one. KBB itself will assess and determine how much certain used vehicle cost. It is reassuring to know that at least 20 million of their web visitors log on to their website. Well, KBB is one of the biggest, most trusted, and the most reliable pricing company.

Kelley Blue Book is mostly known for their car pricing accuracy and reliability, but do they work on bikes, especially dirt bikes? Yes, they have also KBB dirt bike values. The pricing system does not differ much from how they do the assessment on cars. They cover many dirt bikes brands, and motorcycles ranging from Honda, Yamaha even Kawasaki and Suzuki. In case you are looking for Harley Davidson, you can also find it there.

Maybe you are wondering how this company assesses, give value, and determine the pricing of a certain used vehicle. KBB dirt bike can be considered as the most reliable as mentioned earlier. To determine the price of used bike, they have channels to help them set the base daily, such as wholesale auctions, dealers, lessors, or any other private parties.

Aside from the price they obtain from those sources, they also analyze the field price and combine them with current economic trends, time of the year, location, and historical trends. However, despite the trusted sources and comprehensive valuing algorithm, there are several issues with KBB pricing.

  • First, since they take time to analyze the data, the released price does not always resonate with the current trends, especially when there is a quick alteration in economic conditions.
  • People think their used dirt bike should cost just like KBB has mentioned on the KBB. In fact, most of the time people think that their used dirt bike is way better than the real condition – hence this quality difference may not match the KBB valuation algorithm.
  • Since dealers typically don’t use KBB for trade-in values, there may be any mismatched data which can turn people away to National Auto Research’s data or Manheim’s Report.

So, despite people’s opinion that KBB has high accuracy, there are still drawbacks to the system. However, if you want to purchase a used dirt bike, you can check KBB dirt bike to get a quick overview about the price.

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