Sprayable Ceramic Coating Application Guide to Get Shiny Car Surface

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Sprayable Ceramic Coating Application Guide to Get Shiny Car Surface

Sprayable ceramic coating is considered as the more practical and more budget-friendly version of conventional ceramic coating. It might doesn’t last as long as premium conventional ceramic coating, but considering its price, it still carries good money value. The reason why this type of coating is popular because creaming is a tough material that resist well to abrasion. It also has great resistance to harmful substance such as acids, chemicals, and UV rays. Ceramic holds itself well under various environmental pressure and do not conduct electricity. However, even though it’s strong enough in terms of compression, it can break and brittle easily when pulled apart, bent, or shocked.

Things like water, dirt, dust, and contaminants might damage your car surface, by entering and eroding the fresh coat slowly until they make it into the coloring layer beneath. Coat of ceramic contains Nano particles that will seal the entire surface and set a protective coat above the coloring layer. To apply sprayable ceramic coating properly, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean the surface of your car thoroughly from any dust, dirt, grime, and stains. You also need to remove any sealant or wax that you used in prior, because they prevent coat of ceramic to cling into the surface.
  2. Make sure the body panel is dry, and then spray on several points in the area. Rub the coating product by using microfiber cloth. As alternative, you could spray the product first into the cloth, then to the surface. A little of ceramic coat content goes a long way – applying product excessively may result in poor finish.
  3. Use crosshatch pattern when you put the product with cloth. Start from the upper to bottom part, from left all the way to the right. Cover the whole panel and overlap the motions. After you have worked on the whole surface, let it sit for some time before wipe away the excessive with another clean microfiber cloth.
  4. Make sure that you wipe away the excessive contents of sprayable ceramic coating for cars before the product set in. Then wait for several hours before taking your vehicle outside.

By using proper step by step application, you will get your car to shine with nice gloss and reflection on its surface that mimics clean glass. Sprayable ceramic coating makes the surface extremely smooth and nice to touch, as well as making water and contaminants to slide off the layer easily without any mark.

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