Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze 2014 Loss Warning Signs to Detect Early

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Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze 2014 Loss Warning Signs to Detect Early

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze 2014 is a feature that could be found in any newer GM car models. Up until now, it is amongst the most important and advanced safety component for the car. Its purpose is to provide better control over the vehicle thus prevent accidents. That’s why it’s necessary to notice any warning from this feature when you start to detect lateral traction loss.

As the name implied, Stabilitrak is a system that manages stability. It functions with a complex sensor system in order to detect if your car is responding properly to any input during emergency times. It utilizes data from input regarding the engine power or brake systems, then fix any slide by putting your Chevy Cruze on the correct direction. It’s a very useful feature if you’re driving on challenging track such as heavy road and the steering is not working as fine as you’d like.

Unfortunately, Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze 2014 won’t show up during normal driving – instead you’ll notice it better during emergency situations when it supposes to work. Ignoring the warning signs that it puts out is dangerous. Here are some signs to watch out if the system doesn’t perform properly:

  1. The easiest way to notice that there’s something wrong with the system is by looking at 2014 Chevy Cruze service Stabilitrak light on as indicator that provided within the vehicle
  2. If you notice the cruise control has been disabled by the system, the it means the Cruze’s Stabilitrak is not working correctly.
  3. The sensor used for traction control is the same one that’s used for broken traction on wheel. Traction control maintains unwanted spins from the wheel to prevent simultaneous lateral acceleration.

There several reasons that may cause Stabilitrak to not functioning well. For example, broken sensor on the wheel speed will cause the Cruze to lose detecting ability to know if all of its wheels at moving at the same rate of speed. This prompts the warning from service StabiliTrak to turn on. Another example is if the brake pedal switch is not working properly or entirely disable. This feature actually does more than controlling light indicator of the brake, but also operate similar system as cruise control and Stabilitrak.

So, you see, there are plenty of issue that may render the system to not working. The best way to see if there’s any trouble upon Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze 2014 is to test the vehicle and see if there’s any clue regarding its broken performance.

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