FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins Four Models and Each of their Features

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FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins Four Models and Each of their Features

FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins is a part of diesel pickups lineup from Dodge Ram Cummins. Currently, it is one of the most-sought aftermarket products of filtration system and diesel fuel pump due to the combination of its high performance and budget-friendly qualities. The manufacturer itself also offers a wide range of product in its series, such as kits of electric heater, kits of suction tube, and sumps as accessories for fuel pump.

What is FASS, anyway? The term is an abbreviation for Fuel Air Separation Systems, which some people just simply refer as diesel performance. FASS is comprised of lift pumps or specific fuel pumps of vehicles in different displacement level in order to provide the required build level of Ram Cummins – and others vehicle brand such as GM Duramax or Ford Powerstroke.

As a system, FASS is available at different models: HPFP, DRP Series, Flow Enhancer, and Titanium. The Titanium is the top-tier one from the whole lineup according to FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins reviews. It contains 2” micron fuel filter, water separator, ports for heater, gauge adaptors, and is rated at 95-260 Gallon per Hour (GPH) unit in order to support different vehicle with different level of fueling requirement.

Another excellent model is High Performance Fuel Pump (HPFP) which quite similar to Titanium in terms of displacement range and reliability, though it doesn’t have water filtration. Dodge Replacement Pump (DRP) is a model that specifically designed to substitute 1998.5-2004.5 Ram Cummins, with higher lift pump volume and better boost. It doesn’t require you to use the entire FASS’ mounting bracket. Last but not least is the Flow Enhancer, which designed to mimic DRP series, but with benefits of no required lift pump equipment. It is built to raise modified trucks’ volume generously. In short, FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins is able to give you quality fuel and fuel pressure for your vehicle’s diesel.

The most common problem of fuel system in diesel vehicles occurs to vaporizing process due to the fact that their tank is placed in lower level compared to its engine. The fuel inside tank is moving, thus creating a condition of vaporizing up to 10% level. Some signs that you can detect from vaporizing are excessive smoke emit, failure on injector, reduced horsepower, tough starting effort, bad fuel mileage, and poor running. By using FASS Fuel System 5.9 Cummins and perform appropriate test, it’s possible to eliminate these problems.

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