Honda Grom Stunt Cage for Extra Safety to Avoid Unwanted Situation

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Honda Grom stunt cage

Honda Grom stunt cage is necessary for extra protection. It has a function to ensure the engine does not receive severe damage when the bike is fallen unintentionally. This protection will keep the engine from direct impact. To know more about this cage, check the following list.

Stunt cage for Honda Grom

Honda introduced Grom as the motorcycle with small engine in 2014. It is still available in the market with some improvements and updates. The good thing about it is the easy handling for beginner. Based on official information, the engine capacity is 125cc that becomes the smallest one from Honda. Grom uses the street motorcycle design that’s very practical for daily transportation.

Honda Grom stunt cage

When seeing this motorcycle, the engine is exposed without protection. Honda only gives the extra cage at front side, but the left and right sides are still plain. It is not an issue when you just ride at normal speed. There is no danger, unless you lose control and the motorcycle is fallen to the street. The problem is the extreme shock that may hit engine and creates the damage. To avoid this situation, the solution is by using Honda Grom stunt cage.

Protection and safety

Protection and safety

Stunt cage is common for most motorcycles as a protection. It is not half-fairing that covers the engine. On contrary, you only see a cage that encloses the engine section. Keep in mind that covering the entire section will disturb the heat transfer. You will feel the extreme temperature, and this is a bad condition. Another purpose is the safety measure from unintentional touch. Imagine you do not wear long pant, and the engine is still in high temperature. Your legs are in danger because there is no additional separation. This safety measure is common for racing motorcycle.


Installation and cost

This cage is easy to install if you read the instruction carefully. You just order the product that’s specifically for Honda Grom. Prepare some tools, including screws to tighten this cage properly. Check again to ensure there is no loosen section. The cost is affordable, especially if you only buy Honda Grom stunt cage kit.  Everything is already in that product, and customers only need to follow the procedures.

Protection and safety

Now, you know the reasons to use the stunt cage on Honda Grom. It is optional action because the installation does not affect its performance. The only issue is the safety and protection. You must consider the preventive measure because any situation can happen. With Honda Grom stunt cage, you will feel safer and more comfortable.

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