P0420 Chevy Equinox Issue and Solutions to Fix Properly

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P0420 Chevy equinox

You may ever experience troubleshooting, such as P0420 Chevy equinox. It happens after your car is connected to the scanner. The code appears to indicate there is an issue related to catalyst system efficiency. Based on this result, it seems your issue comes from the catalytic converter. It is capable to scrub pollution, so the emission is free from toxic. When this part is broken, your car cannot pass the emission test.

If the car has this issue, the driving is less efficient because it loses the power easily. In normal driving, you may not recognize the error easily. It happens after you push the power too much, and try to accelerate it quickly. The car is still idle, while the power increases slowly.

Causes and diagnoses

For your information, converter is one of the causes that may lead to P0420 Chevy equinox. You need check this area immediately. Others can be oxygen sensor and wiring. The car uses sensor to measure the oxygen level. When the sensors do not work as they supposed to be, you can expect the misread scanner. If your vehicle does not have oxygen issue, but the code is still on scanner, it might be the wiring system that cannot read the sensor or give bad signal. Another possibility is the exhaust leak. It is definitely something you will recognize while driving. The leak creates imbalanced exhaust functionality.

Finding the exact cause will take time. The diagnosis related to P0420 code is not alone mostly. It means the scanner also find other issues. In this case, the mechanic will put this situation at the last task. Sometimes, scanner does not pick any code after previous troubles are solved.


Possible solution and fixing

Fixing this problem is not difficult after the real situation is determined. Most options are replacements. When catalytic converter is damaged, it is necessary to get the new one. Fixing only takes too much time because the result will not be as good as normal condition. This solution also applies for oxygen sensor and exhaust leak. For wiring, mechanic can fix it without changing the entire system. In general, your car is better with new spare parts. This option brings less risk for long run.

After knowing this situation, you may think about the cost. In that case, you do not need to worry about how much you must spend. In fact, $200 is enough for the spare parts. You also need to pay for the mechanic, and it is approximately less than $100. You just find the reputable garage with excellent service, so the P0420 Chevy equinox can be fixed properly.

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