Timbren Bump Stops for Controlling Suspension Effectively and Properly 1 Cars

Timbren Bump Stops for Controlling Suspension Effectively and Properly

Your car will feel comfort and less shock after installing Timbren bump stops. It limits the suspension, so the axle is in the right position without much moving forward when hitting uneven road. Some cars are necessary to obtain it, such as the pick-up truck and SUV. To know more about the bump stop from Timbren, check the following sections

Bump stops

Most vehicle owners do not realize about bump stops. In fact, they think it is as a part of suspension. For your information, the car manufacturers only put official specs without any modification and custom setting. As the owner, you decide whether you must install bum stop or not. That’s why you can get this product from third party service, such as Timbren bump stops Silverado.

In simple term, bump stop is the extra cushion as shock absorber on suspension. When driving the car in usual road and highway, you will feel steady and smooth. The car turns and stops easily even when you hit some gravels. The suspension protects the car from excess vibration and shock. When you drive it on rural area with wavy road, the car will be difficult to control. You may often lose the steering because the suspension has too much pressure, and the shock cannot be absorbed properly. In this situation, you should install Timbren bump stops.


Function and capability

Moreover, bump stop has simple functionality: you can drive the car with comfort in any road. You may not feel the significant effect when driving on the regular street. On contrary, the capability can be seen after you move into the off-road driving. Depraved road, gravel and stones, and mud are the obstacles that regular suspension cannot handle. In general, trucks and SUVs are dedicated for such extreme driving. However, you still need bump stops as the extra. Relying too much on car’s suspension will push the extra pressure. Your car might not have any issue in short time, but you must pay more for suspension repair.


After understanding the bump stop, it is time to install it on your car. Some people will argue that your car does not need such thing, unless in extreme situation. As you know, the preventive action is needed before unexpected situation happens. Even though you only go around on the city street, bump stops will make you feel comfortable, especially when you add too much baggage and stuffs.

From explanation above, you know why the car must have bump stops. They are necessary when you always drive off-road. On the other side, you may consider installing Timbren bump stops to prolong the suspension’s capability.

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