EJ257 Short Block in Open, Closed, and Semi-Closed Desk Models Cars

EJ257 Short Block in Open, Closed, and Semi-Closed Desk Models

It is almost always guaranteed that you will get EJ257 Short Block as a part of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) stock when you buy car from official dealership. The term indicates that your car parts were set on the factory. On the other hand, if the car came from aftermarket, then it’ll use modified or manufactured part from other factories than Subaru.

Subaru Engine was first launched with code name E series. The majorities of Subaru products you’ve seen on today’s street were manufactured in 2011 and have EJ tag on its name – before the company revamped the design to be the F series. EJ engines are mostly replaced by FA and FB ones these days, but there are exceptions such as EJ257 Short Block as a part of EJ25 models. The reason why the company has successfully grabbed the market is because they pour investment, development, and researches to put out genuinely high-quality parts compared to 90% of other aftermarket companies out there. Subaru items are more expensive but once you use other aftermarket parts, you’ll understand why they’re sold at cheaper price points. Subaru’s quality is just undeniable.

Most components of engine and power of Subaru products you’ll find nowadays are turbocharged models It is because there is no model with tuning capability up until 2013. The prior generation of non-turbo or naturally aspirated parts does not allow you to adjust the ECU, vehicle’s computer, or any changes under hood beyond headers or intake. The car cannot make more power thus there’s no requirement for more powerful engine.

Besides EJ257 short block closed deck, it’s possible that you’ve heard of open decks block, closed deck block, or semi-closed deck block. Deck is the area placed amongst crankcase and cylinder wall, where there’s cooling air stream to maintain low temperature of cylinder walls. Internal vehicle combustion happens in pistons within the cylinders, that’s why this engine component is given the most abuse by being exposed to high heat and explosions, resulting in contracting and expanding effect when the engine is turned on and off.

Subaru makes all their engines to be semi-closed after 2005. It’s because this particular model has benefits of reinforcement to raise cylinder wall’s strength. EJ257 Short Block with open desks are now more often to be found in older engines with no turbo strength and has seen as the weakest of Subaru lineup due to the lacks of reinforcement in its cylinder wall.

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