Radrover Electric Fat Bike Review with the List of Specification Details

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Radrover Electric Fat Bike Review with the List of Specification Details

As the name implies, Radrover Electric Fat Bike is an electric bicycle with tires so large it’s almost comical. In general, the fat tires bikes make a wonderful ride by making your riding experience feels like happening on top of cushioned air. They let you explore challenging tracks such as snow and sandy roads that usually deemed as impossible unless they are traveled by mountain bike. Their specialties make this type of bike sold on pricier range of cost. However, it is delightful news to deliver that Radrover is providing a good product that combines great quality level and reasonable price point.

For those of you who haven’t been familiar with Radrover Electric Fat Bike, this brand model comes from probably amongst the fastest growing manufacturer of electric bicycle in US. The company offers convenience by building customer direct shipping and exclusively online shopping market with exceptions of several retail locations.

By combining great components and visually pleasing decent, this Radrover Electric Fat Bike review consider this fat bicycle model to be a beyond decent item compared to its competitors. Its electrical specifications come as satisfyingly sufficient and the bike itself falls into medium to high quality. Here are several of its technical specs:

  • Engine: 750W geared hubs
  • Battery: 672 Watt-hour 48V 14Ah
  • Est. range: 25-45 miles (45-72 km)
  • Maximum speed: 20 mph (32 km/hour)
  • Charging period: 6 hr
  • Optimum load: 275 lbs. (125 kg)
  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Extra features: Speedometer in LCD display, light indicator for battery status, battery gauge, indicator for PAS level, tripmeter, odometers, LED lights in rear and front part (with sensor of ambient light in the front part), 5 settings on the speed options, USB port for charging, mounted racks both on rear and front part, half-twist throttle with disengage key command

The operating noise of Radrover e-bike is pleasantly low even though the motor power itself is strong. The gear sound is not annoying, even though generally gear sound is always going to be noisier than direct drive motor. What’s the most important is that the engine performs amazingly to provide enjoyable ride for you.

Now, it is true that majority of bike riders prefer medium drive motor more, but remember that even medium drive motor for e-bike with fat tires feature are going to cost you $1,000 at minimum. In conclusion, though, Radrover Electric Fat Bike is relatively affordable and has good money value.

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