P0013 Chevy Malibu Problem and How to Fix It Effectively

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P0013 Chevy Malibu 

You need to know about P0013 Chevy Malibu to understand this issue. This code refers to camshaft position that’s not in the right order because of the excess engine utilization. In general, it is not big deal because fixing it is simple. However, most car owners do not realize the situation that leads to more troubles. That’s why you should put more attention about such matter.

P0013 issue 

P0013 code may appear when your car is inspected with computer. You can say this one is specific naming that applies only on Chevy Malibu. It means you will not find the same code from other cars, except Chevrolet. The code is also specifically for the car with VVT or variable valve timing. This technology has been applied into several Chevrolet vehicles, including Malibu.



In simple term, the issue appears after the camshaft is slightly not in the right position. The diagnosis is quite difficult because you must have certain skill and observation method. Only the experienced mechanics or owners can spot this problem exactly after checking the engine directly. It does not mean you do not recognize some symptoms. The most common one is your car cannot start. You already try several times even checking the fuel, oil, and electricity. Unfortunately, the car is still idle, and the engine is not starting. You might assume P0013 Chevy Malibu in this situation. This diagnose is for the car that you have used extensively after long driving.

You can feel the engine shifting during driving. The car is different because it loses the power immediately after you change the gear. Then, the performance will increase normally, but it decreases again significantly. It happens when the oil and engine have an issue. The engine requires oil to ensure every part is in the right function and position. Unfortunately, you may push too hard and the camshaft often misplaces slightly. If this situation continues, the car will stop and you cannot revive again.



Oil check is the first thing to consider before fixing. If there is no issue in this part, mechanics will check the wiring system. The report about P0013 indicates you need to check the situation from the main source until it shows the indication. After that, you just replace the oil control valve. Now, the camshaft will work again, and the car is back into normal condition.

You should apply some preventive method to ensure this situation does not happen again next time. Your Chevy Malibu must receive regular maintenance and repair. Mechanics will check the oil valve and everything. Therefore, the sign of P0013 Chevy Malibu can be detected as soon as possible.

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