KLLM Trucking School, the Best Place to Learn for Your CDL Program

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KLLM Trucking School, the Best Place to Learn for Your CDL Program

Planning to get a trucking tuition at KLLM trucking school? KLLM trucking academy can help you to prepare for your CDL test. But that’s not only the case. You can also get refreshment and paid tuition too here! If you think the trucking school is a boring one – well, you are utterly wrong. Since this school is nicely designed to befits nowadays tuition experience.

Although it has not been that long since its establishment in 2013, KLLM begins low as the broker of trucking service. That time, the four founders focused its service on exempt products. And today, aside of the trucking school, KLLM runs trucking service for temperature-controlled commodities and goods. KLLM stands for its founder’s last names, and they dared to start humbly with only three combos of tractor-trailers.

The driving academy was the ‘product’ of partnering with a community college, providing students with truck training. With that decent purpose in mind, KLLM trucking school will help the participants to get a high-quality teachings as well as college credit hours at the time of graduation.

There are two programs one can choose in KLLM driving academy, which are CDL Program Training and Refresher Courses. There is also a scholarship for the needing students, as well as an internship program. In that internship program, participants will earn up to $500 per week while on duty of the internship.

The CDL program stands for the Commercial Driver’s License Training. This is a training or course which helps students to get the Commercial Drive License (CDL) itself. The certification will then be needed to apply for a career driver truck in the United States. The paper will be issued by the American’s DoT (Department of Transportation). For this class, there are three phases a student will follow:

  • Classroom introduction
  • Driving training, and
  • Internship program, in which you will work with many kinds of company driver. Such as local and regional companies. Following this internship completion, you will have the job waiting for you

The refresher course is designed for ones that have been working on the road as a truck driver for long, but needed refreshment about the newest information. For this course, you will pass the introductory phase. You’ll get into the second phase in which you will be put behind the wheel for training. And for the last phase, you will get the same amount of weeks in a paid-internship.

Those are the things you need to know about this trucking school. For those who are willing to get the job as a truck driver, starting by enrolling to KLLM trucking school can be a good choice.

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