P0010 Chevy Equinox Appear? Learn This before Calling Your Mechanic

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P0010 Chevy Equinox Appear

Finding an error code P0010 Chevy Equinox? Don’t worry, P0010 is a trouble code found quite common within Chevrolet Equinox owners. It usually shows up like this: PP010, followed with a sentence that explains about that camshaft actuator thing. Well, for some owners it’s quite hard to decipher such code. If you are one amongst those people, probably you’ll go to the professional to get it done. But in fact, it’s quite easy to fix it yourself at home.

What can possibly go wrong if the camshaft actuator is ruined?

Botched fuel economy

If you find that error code P0010 Chevy Equinox, the first thing that it can make is that will make you stop by the petrol station more frequently. A ruined camshaft actuator can make the engine runs the valve timing smoothly just like before, which will cause a bad internal combustion hence efficient fuel consumption is hard to achieve.

Car idles roughly

Although there are many other factors causing your Chevy Equinox to go on rough idling, the fails of camshaft actuator to provide nice valve timing will cause your car to idle in a rough way. You may not feel it while on motion, but as you stop at the traffic light, you’ll start to notice something’s wrong with your engine.

Car loses its power

Another problem that may arise is that your car will run not so smooth like before; less powerful, and harder to rev up. The cam profile will not allow you to run fast.

Causes that may cause the emergence of P0010 Chevrolet Equinox:

  • Oil sludging, which can come as a result of lack of oil changes
  • Worn-out components (such as gears, chains, etc.)
  • Wiring damages, and
  • ECM internal damage, although this one is highly unlikely to cause such errors.

How to fix it? Well, it is always easier to have a pro does the job to fix this error code. However, inexperienced mechanics can guide you wrong by recommending changing the old actuator with the new one. This will charge you much money, while you can still save it and try other solution, such as cleaning the actuator solenoids. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you get into such work.

For your information, P0010 code does not come with cleaning the solenoids as the solution. Since there are many factors causing this code to appear, just like doctors testing patients, a diagnostic test may be needed to dig deeper what may cause the errors. For a car with high mileage, you can suspect an oil slugging or out of order solenoid. Whatever scenario which happens and cause the P0010 Chevy Equinox to appear, if you are lacking the knowledge about your car, that is always better to call a pro to handle this.

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