Smelly Air Conditioner Car: What Are the Causes and How to Fix It?

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Smelly Air Conditioner Car

Having a smelly air conditioner car? This problem is a main problem for car owners especially if the air conditioner has been long turned off, not used, just like in winter season. So, when you turn it on around spring or summer, there will be something off that comes: a foul, mildew smell. There isn’t only fungi that can cause your air conditioner to be smelly. Here are the causes of bad smell on your car.

Bacteria and molds

First, let’s talk about that musty smell air conditioner car. Bacteria and molds are the culprit of this case. The high moisture inside your car whenever the car and AC are turned off cannot escape as long as you don’t open your window.

This problem can also come because your car becomes older, especially if you don’t clean your air filter routinely. The bacteria can grow freely and as you often get your AC blower in a full strength, that will cause the growth of molds as well.


Gas leaks

You can inspect several areas to find the leak, like in that muffler, exhaust pipes, or even the fuel pressure regulator in the car’s engine to look for any leaks. There’s also chance that the gas smells sweet. In this case, you got to have you’re A/C unit checked promptly. Oftentimes, it’s the ethylene glycol or the antifreeze that comes out. If this happens, it means there’s leak in the car’s cooling system.


Dirty air filters

The air filters can also be the cause of your car’s weird smell. As it constantly filters dust, pollutants, stagnant water, as well as dust mites. This can also lead to the growth of molds and bacteria.


How to fix that

  • If the mildew smell is your main problem for the smelly air conditioner car, you can grab an antibacterial treatment and then spraying the product on the grill-like apparatus under your car’s hood every month. To do that, turn on the A/C and max the fan. Turn off that A/C recirculation mode. Then, spray that anti-bacterial treatment product to the spot mentioned earlier. Spray for around 30-45 seconds. Increase the A/C temperature for several degrees and repeat the same method.
  • Replacing air filter with the new one can help you remove that unwanted smell caused by dirty air filters.
  • If you presume that the scent comes from a gas leak, you can start by checking several areas. One of them is the regulator for fuel pressure located under the car’s hood. If you got the problem with that sweet smell, then better to call a professional.

It’s very important to know the cause first before working on any solution. Once you got it, smelly air conditioner car will be easier to fix.

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