Recommended Oil for High Mileage Cars Characteristics and More Information

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Recommended Oil for High Mileage Cars Characteristics and More Information

The recommended oil for high mileage cars must have several specific characteristics. As we all know, high mileage car is something so common these days. The cars run for more than 75,000 miles already, and surely its maintenance has to be different. This is the reason why the lubricating oil has to be very specific. These are some characteristics of the oil that you need to know.


It Has to Be Synthetic Oil

One of the main characteristics of recommended oil for high mileage cars is that the type of it is synthetic. The synthetic oil is specifically engineered to allow the car to run smoothly and not to make the engine get overheated easily. It is more recommended to use because long-running car needs better maintenance for sure.


It Should Contain Foam Inhibitors

To make sure that the oil can provide the right high mileage oil treatment, you need to choose the one with foam inhibitors in it. This agent is going to remove all the foam and froths that eventually will build up in the engine. That way, the machine can run smoothly all the time and won’t damage the car.


It Should Has ZDDP Compound in it

In addition, ZZDP is zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. It is anti-wear agent that often be found on high mileage oil for cars. It is lubricating agent that protects the surfaces of the engine, which are often made out of metal. Without the agent, the surface will definitely break in several years of usage. This is why ZDDP is a mandatory agent that has to be there in the oil composition.


It Should Contain Corrosion Inhibitors

Besides of a foam inhibitors, the best oil for high mileage car also needs to have corrosion inhibitors. These agents are useful to keep rust away from the engine and make sure that the car can be operated even better. This is why you need to read the label and make sure that the corrosion inhibitors are found on the oil additives list.

Those are the characteristics that you need to find in the oil used for high mileage cars. When your car is over 75,000 miles already, do not use regular oil as it will damage the engine. Use the recommended oil for high mileage cars as it contains everything you need to keep the car running smoothly to more miles.


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