Caliper Leaking Brake Fluid, 3 Noticeable Signs to Identify the Problem

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Caliper Leaking Brake Fluid, 3 Noticeable Signs to Identify the Problem

Not every car owner gives the brake system a thought until there is a caliper leaking brake fluid, which can cause the brake doesn’t function properly. In fact, the brake system is the most significant yet also a safety feature in every vehicle. Knowing how it operates, how to take care of it and identifying issues within the system are essential for safe driving.

When the car brakes start shrieking, or when the vehicle shudders each the brakes are used, it can very well be related to leaking brake fluid. There are four spots where the leak may occur in the braking system. This issue can take place in the hydraulic brake cylinder, front or rear caliper.

Regardless of where the issue occurs, the signs of a caliper leaking brake fluid can be used to quickly identify the problem as elaborated below.

Brake Warning Light

The first noticeable sign that can be noticed is when the warning light for the braking system on the dashboard is on. At this point, the drivers may not even experience serious brake issues. However, if the warning light is turning on, that’s an early sign that there is something wrong with the brake system. To ensure safety, it would be best to pull over and take a look at the problem right away.

The Brake Pedal Feels Odd

Brake fluid is the only thing that is supposed to be on the brake pads. If the brake fluid leaks and it gets mixed up with the air within the brake pads, the fluid is impossible to flow properly. Consequently, the brake pedals will feel spongy or squishy when you push it down. Simply put, the brake pedal feels oddly soft.

If the air goes into the brake pads while leaks occur, it will likely bring the airborne pollutants into the braking system. In addition, condensation begins to develop, which eventually will cause the brake pedal to move down when the pedal is being pressed down.

Noticeable Fluid Starts to Come Out

The most visible sign of a rear caliper leaking brake fluid is when an actual liquid starts coming out. After experiencing the two symptoms above, then it’s possible to have a leaking fluid. It’s highly advised to pull over right away and check the level of the brake fluid.

The more brake fluid gets out, the less fluid that remains in the braking system, and the riskier it will be. To prevent unwanted incidents, immediately drive to a nearby mechanic, or call a tow service to have your car towed.

It’s vital to always give the brake system thought to avoid any unfortunate incident. Keep in mind the three signs above to quickly recognize that you have a caliper leaking brake fluid that must be repaired immediately before the problem gets worse.

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