Adding Freon to Car AC with 6 Easy Steps to Get the Cooling System Back

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Adding Freon to car AC

Adding Freon to car AC can be done when you think the air conditioner of your car not as cold as it used to be. Mostly, an air conditioner doesn’t work properly due to a low cooling charge. Just like a tire, a car air conditioner will eventually lose its charge over time. In this case, adding Freon to the air conditioner is a must thing to do. Take this issue to professional mechanics might cost a lot. However, actually you can do it by yourself.

Basically, Freon is a well-known refrigerant brand that is used in any type of air conditioning devices. The function of adding Freon to car AC unit is to produce airflow, which can be distributed throughout the AC system. Here are the steps to add Freon to the AC system.

  1. Prepare two cans of r-134a Freon, a refrigerant dispenser, and safety goggles.
  2. Now, put on the goggles. Plug a can of Freon refrigerant into the lower part of the container, screw all the way through. Inside the refrigerant dispenser is a needle which will automatically pierce the can.
  3. Start the car engine. Turn on the AC and turn it to the maximum. Follow the tube from the lower side of the filling port to a cylindrical unit connected to the engine—it’s the compressor. Find the compressor pulley.
  4. If the pulley’s core is spinning, it means the compressor is active as it needs to be. If it isn’t, it’s time for adding Freon to car AC; just add the half of the can as mentioned in the next steps below. Let the car run and the air conditioner to a maximum until the recharging process is finished.
  5. Open up the hood. Find the refrigerant port on the bottom side of the system. There will be a small plastic cover and unscrew this cover to find the port.
  6. At the end of the tube, grab the connector. Lift the sleeve of the outer connector. For two seconds, press the trigger to eject the pipe of any air. While pressing the trigger and raising the sleeve, firmly press the connector on the fill port. Remove the connector’s external sleeve and the connector itself. It’s supposed to snap at a place on the filling port. Release the button.
  7. Press the trigger for ten seconds, gently shaking and tipping the can. Make sure the pressure is equal. When it’s correct, stop the filling process. Recheck the pressure.

If all went as expected, the car’s AC should be working properly. If it isn’t, take it to the mechanics. Keep in mind that adding Freon to car AC is not recommended for car owners whose car is made before 1993.

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