Defog Windshield in Three Easy Ways According to the Weather Conditions

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Defog Windshield in Three Easy Ways According to the Weather Conditions

Knowing how to defog windshield is amongst the essential things that all car owners must do. Fogged windows and windshield are commonly happened. While it might seem like a simple thing that only cause inconvenience, it actually has potent impact when you’re running the car. There are several reasons that can lead to this occurrence, such as humidity, rain, or cold weather. The conditions and temperature affect severity of the fog. Here are a few different approaches to tackle this issue based on the circumstances:

What to do when the temperature is cold outside

Cold temperature causes moisture to be trapped inside the car. You may balance it by lowering the temperature as quick as you can or flip the switch to de-mist the vent. Try to open the window as well to defog the windshield quickly.

The heat must not be turned on because it’s necessary to get temperature to lower fast. However, if you are not in rush, you may use the heater to comfortably handle the fogging problem. Make sure that the air vent is facing towards the windshield to blow the hot air and push the humidity to be out from your car.


What to do when it’s hot and humid outside

The method on how to defog a windshield in summer is the reverse from the prior method when the weather is cold. Try to turn off the air conditioning inside car, turn on the wipers of windshield, or turn the temperature inside to be low. The last technique might be uncomfortable since it’s summer and the weather is most likely to be warm, so it’s recommended for you to open out the windows shortly to get rid of the fog.


What to do when it’s rain outside

Rain is the most common reason of getting your windshield and windows fogged. This condition is the most dangerous compared to others because not only you have to fight with the fog, but also the rain droplets. In this case, it’s best to use window cleaner products such as Rain-X or Invisible Glass. These products contain specific formula to defog windshield and clean the dirt as well.

As a car owner, you should know the correct way to defog windows and windshield. It only takes several seconds, or several minutes at most to take care of the fog. The guide on how to defog windshield will help you to resolve the issue based on the cause and conditions.

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