Clogged Fuel Injector Solutions in Three Different Methods

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Clogged Fuel Injector Solutions in Three Different Methods

Clogged fuel injector is a possible problem you may encounter if your vehicles are manufactured in 1980s or above. Newer vehicles come with the technology of electronic fuel injection to replace carburetor in their engines. The core component of this system is none other than the fuel injector – which relatively easy to maintain but may get clogged, dirty, or fail and require replacement.

Cleaning fuel injector is one of many ways to preserve its lifespan, although they cannot last forever. Most experts advise to clean fuel injector once every 30,000 miles to prevent it from getting clogged. Here are several ways you can keep the component clean:

Using commercial cleaner of fuel injector

A bottle of clogged fuel injector cleaner is an affordable way to maintain the part as a good preventive method. It only costs you about $10 to $15 for one bottle. Use a single bottle to maintain the fuel injection at the same time you do regular change of oil. If the clogged fuel injector symptom is already showing, you may want to use it each time the gas tank is filled.


Applying fuel injector cleaning from professional service

If your injector is heavily dirty or clogged severely, then it may be better to use professional cleaning service. The cost can range from $50 to $100 for one-time treatment. It is also possible to find companies that allow you to ship the injector then ship it back to you, for additional cost of $15 to $20. The process may take some extra time but it is worth the thorough job.


Ordering DIY Kit of Fuel Injector Cleaning

Professional mechanics usually opt for an effective method of using cleaning kit for fuel injector – which can be used for several times. A kit with good quality may include variety of adapters to let you use it on different vehicles with fuel injectors.

If one or more fuel injectors inside your vehicle went wrong, then its engine will not be able to perform optimally as it is actually supposed to. Worse scenario, your vehicle may not be able to be driven around if the condition is not treated as soon as possible. Whether it is a dirty fuel injector or clogged one, the symptoms are often similar. You may want to try one of the three methods on how to clean clogged fuel injector above before replacing the component.

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