Cost to Rekeying a Car Lock, Range of Charge and How to Rekeying it By Yourself

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Cost to Rekeying a Car Lock, Range of Charge and How to Rekeying it By Yourself

How much is the cost to rekeying a car lock is the only question that comes up when every car owner wants to enhance to security their cars. Rekeying a car door lock can be very challenging, more importantly, with today’s intricate anti-theft device. That is why many car owners prefer to leave this arduous task to be done by professional locksmiths. Nevertheless, most people don’t realize that by using the right equipment and a little bit of patience, rekeying a car door lock is not as stressful.

Many car owners mostly want to rekey their car door locks because of theft, lose the keys, or suspecting someone has a key copy. How much does it cost to rekey a car lock? It usually starts at $96, and the average cost is around $154. Every locksmith charges differently, depending on the travel distance. As for rekeying a locked car door, they mostly charge approximately $50 up to $100.

But rather than spending cost to rekeying a car lock, why don’t you just rekeying it by yourself? To start off, follow the simple tutorials below.

Tools you need:

  • Rekeying equipment
  • Cylinder follower
  • Lock pins
  • Plug follower
  • Ring remover
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Buy rekeying equipment from a reputable market and make sure it contains all the necessary equipment that will be required for rekeying a car lock.

Step 2: Take off your car’s lock. The method to be applied depends on the vehicle.

Step 3: Take off the cylinder and doorknob. Insert a small wire into a small opening to get access to the interior lock. Do use the cylinder follower to take off the lock cylinder.

Step 4: Take off the cylinder ring plug and retainer by using ring remover. Put the retainer in a safe place where you can quickly grab it later. Use the key of the lock to take off the cylinder plug.

Step 5: Take off the lower pins.

Step 6: Insert the new lock key as well as the pins to the cylinder. The new pins have variations of colors and lengths to help you know where every pin should be placed. Make sure to arrange the pins in the same order.

Step 7: Give the new key a try. Put all the mechanism of the door lock carefully, and try it. If the new key doesn’t work correctly, take off the door lock, and use a new key.

That’s how to rekey a car lock. Rather than wasting cost to rekeying a car lock, you can just rekey it by yourself as long as you follow the simple steps above.

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