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Car Wash with Carpet Shampooer Near Me, and 4 Recommended Car Services in Seattle

Where the service of a car wash with carpet shampooer near me is might be a frequently asked question that is being asked by many car owners in Seattle, Washington State. Many car washing services offer carpet shampooing services with the best carpet shampoo that they have. It’s because car carpet is one of the most areas which mostly covered with lots of dirt and surface. That is why this area requires special treatment.

Do you happen to live in Seattle, WA, and look for the best car wash service that offers self-service car wash? Go to Google and type car wash with carpet shampooer near me. The result may vary, and it is highly likely will not really be satisfying.

There is no need to worry as there is a list of car wash services to answer your question of where to find self-service car wash with carpet shampooer near me.

Mr. Detail Auto Salon

Mr. Detail Auto Salon

Located in Harbor Ave, Seattle, this car wash service has been on the business since 2008. They provide a higher auto detailing quality and mostly specialize in luxury, classic, and daily vehicles. They also offer a variety of services, including hand-washing and interior cleaning, including shampooing the car carpet, polishing, and many more.

Park Place Auto Salon

Park Place Auto Salon

This car wash service can be considered one of the oldest car wash services in town because it has been opening since 1987. They offer hand car wash service, show high quality detailing starts from carpet to wheel cleaning, and full maintenance work. In short, Park Place Auto Salon is one of the best solutions for your vehicle’s cosmetic needs.

Eco Car Café

Eco Car Café

Located in Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Seattle, Eco Car Café has been on the car washing business since 2013. Just like its name implies, Eco Car Café runs its business by focusing on eco-friendly, convenience, and innovation practices. They also offer many services that start from carpet cleaning to a little detail such as bug’s removal.

Jim’s Detail Shops

Jim's Detail Shops

Jim’s Detail Shops is a business that specializes in making your cars look immaculate inside out. Whether it is concrete dust or years of stains from food spills in the car interior or anything, everything is able to be cleaned up by using the car wash service offered by Jim’s Detail Shops.

Now, the question of where to find car wash with carpet shampooer near me has been answered by four recommended car wash services in Seattle above.

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