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Full Service Car Wash Nearby: 5 Check Points before Going to a Certain Place

Washing a car can be overwhelming for some, that’s why many full service car wash nearby are established. Full service car wash provides many benefits, not only about that soapy bath for your vehicle. In some places, there are packages you can take. Some even include interior cleaning plus checking air tires post service.

Below are some check points before choosing a full service car wash nearby your area. To get to know to a specific service without visiting the premise directly, you can hit their social media or websites first.

What package are offered and what’s the price

This is very important thing to consider before hitting to a place to have your car get washed. Know the package and what service it includes. Also be aware of the price. Compare it to other nearest full service car wash. Read the reviews. Take whichever more profitable for you.


The car washing method

Is the service using hand wash method or using automatic washers? These days, most facilities are equipped with automatic car washers since it is easier and much quicker. However, in some cases manpower is still needed, especially for the very dirty car with tiny pits to clean.


The cleaner products

Getting to know regarding this matter is a bit hard especially if you base the survey on websites only. Some facilities offer eco-friendly products. Some others claim to use decent product in terms of keeping the paint and other parts in prime condition.


List of additional services

Full service car wash doesn’t only do wash and dry. In that case, a laundry can do it better. Know their additional services. Maybe you’ll stumble upon terms like:

  • Fixing rust spots or paint scratches
  • Treatment of mold removal, or
  • Interior detailed cleaning, such as vacuuming and carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning, etc.



For this point, talk to a friend who had had their car washed in the premises. Or, simply read people’s reviews regarding the place. People are sensitive to bad service given by a certain facility. If they feel like they are treated badly, this will lead them to make a review so that other people won’t get to that place.

That’s how you should choose a car washing service. Instead of picking any car wash service that’s available, why don’t you have a little survey, and go to the best full service car wash nearby?

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