VW Jetta Lease $39 Facts that Everyone Should Understand Before Buying

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VW Jetta Lease $39 Facts that Everyone Should Understand Before Buying

Jetta lease $39 really is something quite spectacular to talk about. Indeed, VW Jetta is dubbed as the cheapest car in the USA today. To lease the car, you do not have to pay a lot of money. The lowest rate for leasing the car per today is only $39 per month. It happens in San Jose, California. How is that possible? Read the further information about it down below.

Why is Jetta Lease So Cheap?

VW car lease is well-known to be the one that won’t drain your saving. The cars are mostly affordable, even the newest ones. However, for $39 lease rate, Jetta is still confusing for some people. How can a car be that cheap? Well, the answer is simple. VW is expanding their market sales in the USA, trying to double it. As the result, they give away discounts and cars in low prices. Jetta, as their simplest, most affordable products, becomes incredibly cheap because of that.


How much is the Down Payment?

Considering that Jetta lease $39 is crazily cheap, you must be wondering about the down payment. Of course, as any lease should be, there will be down payment or the cash that you must pay up front. The down payment for the lease is quite a lot. You do not have to get surprised by it as, again, the lease is $39 per month. The down payment to bring home the car is approximately $2,500 or even bigger, depending on the car dealers.


How Long Does the Lease Last?

The lease for the car is going to last for three years. If you thought that with the lease rate that low the lease will last forever, you are wrong. In just three years, it will be over. This is possible as the real price of the car, the one you should pay cash without a lease, is just under $5,000. The price is still very much affordable for a car that you can use with the whole family.

Everything you have read above is basically true. Yes, this car is still the cheapest one all across the USA and bringing it home requires only $39 lease every month. The price is way lower than a lease for a new phone. It is even lower than the price of a three-course meal in decent restaurants. This is the reason why a lot of people find the Jetta lease $39 very interesting to try.

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