Buick Rondevu 2004 Overview and Pricing as a Good Value SUV Car

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Buick Rondevu 2004

While the Buick Rondevu 2004 has recently hit its 15th anniversary since its launch, it was considered as one of the most well-liked models in its era. It was popular for its brazen attitude, and was an improvement in different areas such as the style, finesse, and power from its predecessor. Everything can be handled as long as the driver has ability to back the car up.

This particular vehicle came in three models, which are the Buick Rondevu 2004 CX, CXL, and Ultra. The Ultra type is equipped with V6 engine that has variable valve timing, resulting in improved fuel combustion to positively reduce carbon emissions. That is one of its many beneficial features. Follow the points below to know more about this confident beast.

The interior

The versatile interior of Buick Rondevu 2004 is clearly made to provide comfort for families. It has four doors, with typical two front seats, second row seat, and the third row which can occupy extra seats that also can be turned into folded flush. The third row makes the vehicle an attractive alternative to minivan. The seats are covered in leather and suede for optimum convenience. The total interior area is pretty spacious with 108.9 cubic feet if you intended to use it as cargo space and remove the second and third row seat.

The exterior

All models of Buick Rendezvous are built to have appropriate height for easy step-in purposes for all passenger type. The Ultra has power liftgate feature for easy operation using electronic. The paint color is available in eleven colors, that go by the name black, olympic white, storm gray metallic, light spiral gray metallic, cappuccino frost metallic, dark graymist metallic, dark bronzemist metallic, light sandrift metallic, light driftwood metallic, dark steel blue metallic and medium red metallic.

Performance and safety

As it has mentioned, the Buick Rondevu is powered by V6 engine that is able to produce 245 horsepower. It can hold up to 3.6 liter of fuel. The airbags are available in front and the side of passenger seat. The construction is built with safety cage design and equipped with antilock brakes on its four wheels.

The vehicle is an excellent option if you look for a car under $5000 price range. It is suitable to use for family trip purpose, and provide great ride considering the price. Buick Rondevu 2004 is a great value vehicle that has SUV versatility and excellent car manners on the road.

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