Ecotric FAT26S900 BL Specification Details and Reviews for Bike Enthusiasts

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Ecotric FAT26S900

Ecotric Fat26s900 is the perfect riding solution to accompany you on the way to work, spend leisure travel time, or exercise in a fun way. Aside from being eco-friendly vehicle because the bike won’t emit any carbon footprint, you also free from the worry about being stuck in traffic jam, crowded in the bus. The pleasure of being able to enjoy beautiful scenery during a biking session around the town, on a tour, or over the mountain is another big bonus.

Here are several technical details about the Ecotric Fat Tire that would help you to know more about the bike.

It can reach maximum speed of 20 mph/h or 32 km/h

This is due to the powerful 500-watt electric power which has mileage of over 19 miles or 30.5 km. The removable smart battery is 36V/12AH Lithium Cell that comes with a charger, so you can easily bring the battery anywhere to be recharged anytime.


It weighs around 58 lbs with a load capacity up to 260 lbs

This capacity is supported by the durable 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire that’s suitable for all road condition, providing stable, balanced, fast and safe ride. The total length of the vehicle is 1888 mm with the distance between two wheels is 1148 apart. The middle tube is 490 mm long and the distance between the seat cushion and head tube is 565 mm long. The handle bar stands 1010 mm from the ground, while the saddle has adjustable quality between 920 to 1070 mm.


It builds to provide security during your cycling experience

90% of the physical part is already pre-assembled with specifically ergonomic design. The detail of each component is properly made, such as the adjustable seat, user-friendly handlebar, and resistant tire that anti-slip and anti-wear. It also has assists on pedal and walk models. Both the mechanical and outage braking system work harmoniously to provide safety for its rider.

There are plenty of Ecotric Fat26s900 reviews online if you are interested in purchasing one and want to know anything else beside the technical details. Ecotric is a bike brand that is known for its affordability. The manufacturer also has various bicycle lineups in order to match with different needs of different user demographics. For its price, the Ecotric Fat26s900 is surprisingly well made, with the strong frame and paints that are resistant to damage. Majority of the components are definitely made in great quality.

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