Trexis Car Insurance, Established Auto Insurance Company in 10 States

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Trexis Car Insurance

There is a big chance that car owners will know about Trexis Car Insurance because it is still considered one of the best insurance companies within the states it operates at. It offers several interesting products that are attractive for car owners. The price points and coverage are varied according to numerous factors, including the drivers themselves and the cars. Based on the value point of view, though, people have considered that the products offered by this auto insurance company to be at competitive price. The insurance plans are designed so well so that they could cater to car owners’ needs. Even the cheapest plan has competitive advantages.

This company was founded back in 1946 as a part of Alpha Insurance in Alabama which was established to aid farmers. The insurance company was built in order to provide financial protection for farmers in case their crops caught fire. However, the company soon evolved and started branching out to other area. It started providing life insurance and with the establishment of Trexis Car Insurance, it also starts offering auto insurance. Currently, it operates in ten states. The number of customers that it has is quite high due to its long history in insurance industry. But, what the reviews from current and former customers are like?

There are several advantages that you will gain by purchasing insurance from this company. First, the process is very easy. You do not need to go through complicated bureaucracy just to get your car insured. You might be eligible for discount too if you already have security features installed in your car. Some additional discounts might be offered too. As an established company, you can also rest assured about its financial practices. It promotes integrity and accuracy in day to day practice. Another great thing about it is that the premium can be considered affordable, especially if compared to equally establish the insurance company.

However, it also has one disadvantage: the customer service is often disappointing. Many people have complained that they contacted Trexis insurance phone number to receive aid but did not obtain satisfying service that they deserve. In the end, they still have similar problems about their auto insurance. In order to increase public’s interest, this area must be improved. If you do not mind about less stellar customer support then you might have easier time subscribing to this company’s service. However, if you are not, then you should consider alternatives to Trexis Car Insurance.

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