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7.3 Powerstroke Horsepower Increase with Big Powertrain and High Performance

Diesel engine is known for reliability that you can see from 7.3 powerstroke horsepower increase. This kind of engine was from the old car released in early 2000s. Even though the technology is considered old, some new cars still rely on this base engine. To know more about this topic, check the following list for more information.


Powertrain is the reason why engineers try so hard to boost the car capability. Old model of 7.3 liter has powertrain between 260 and 290 hp. Those numbers seem small when compared to the latest vehicle with the same level of engine. Of course, this is just starting point before you increase such engine to be more powerful with higher capability. Based on estimation, the new powertrain can reach up top 500 hp, even you find that 550 hp is still possible. This capability is more than enough to handle daily task and heavy handling. Mostly, you can find such car with that performance on truck or SUV model.


You need tuning when customizing 7.3 powerstroke horsepower increase. For such purpose, you have some risks, such as losing the base engine capability and warranty from manufacturer. Of course, that’s not issue when you are eager to obtain the car with the best performance at all. Tuning will add some tools in order to control fuel, oil, and general system. You need expert and experienced mechanics to handle this job. As solution, some garages offer tuning for 7.3 powerstroke engine.

  1. Implementation

As it mentioned above, tuning is a part of 7.3 powerstroke power tricks that you can do in order to implement powertrain increase. For engine, the latest or new one is the best option. The old car is not bad choice but only few people can change and tune to be reliable result. At first, you can choose used car with year of production relatively between 3-7 years. Implementation takes time if your car has complex system. As you know, the latest model has many electrical and digital panels. Tuning to boost performance should adjust with car control. You do not want the car to be unpredictable when doing maneuver, right? Big powertrain must be side by side with the system in the car itself.

From explanation above, you now have an idea about powertrain increased on 7.3 liter powerstroke engine. This capacity is only available for the car that needs heavy task. You mostly find it on truck since the diesel engine is common in that model. That’s what you should understand about 7.3 powerstroke horsepower increase.

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